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E3: Sarcilegium - Gameinformer
Survival-horror fans can look forward to a brand-new IP, courtesy of TopWare Interactive and its
Soldiers! Heroes! Pilots! Mother Earth needs you to defend her honor from the invasion of the Moon Nazis! Are you an astro pilot or a cosmic cadet? If you are, read on! If you aren't, continue reading! This is a call to arms for all space aces with hearts of gold and guts of steel. Join in the defense of the Blue Planet - visit the Federal... »
Reality Pump with TopWare Interactive are presenting a special gift for all players of Two Worlds 2. A new mutliplayer game mode, including five brand new maps, is now available on In this new Defense Mode, the old-school gameplay of classic castle-defense games is given new life. The player must team-up and... »
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