Brand new, free DLC for Two Worlds II
Reality Pump with TopWare Interactive are presenting a special gift for all players of Two Worlds 2. A new mutliplayer game mode, including five brand new maps, is now available on http://www.twoworlds2.com.

In this new Defense Mode, the old-school gameplay of classic castle-defense games is given new life. The player must team-up and defend Gandohar - the main villain of the Two Worlds 2 campaign - against constant waves of AI enemies. Tactical moves and solid teamwork, while using all the necessary skills, is paramount to survive these thrilling battles.

5 new maps in Defense Mode - each designed for characters in a different level range:
  • Oswaroth (30-40 lvl)
  • Forest Camp (40-50 lvl)
  • Desert Ruins (50-60 lvl)
  • Catacombs (60-70 lvl)
  • Cemetery (70+ lvl)
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