2007 – Two Worlds
PC 360
“Two Worlds” is an expansive RPG game whose non-linear plot is set in a fantasy world and sees the player thrown in the middle of a rivalry of two powerful structures. The character’s deeds influence the fate of the in-game world of Antaloor. The game offers a visual and audio experience of the highest quality, with a soundtrack by the world-famous film music composer Harold Faltermeyer, where it immerses the player inside an extensive universe which offers an immense amount of freedom. Each task can be solved in numerous ways, by using multiple skills possessed by the player, from spoken word to quiet assassinations, to magic (including spell customization) and open combat. Additionally, an extensive system of alchemy is at the player's disposal, allowing players to brew their own potions to assist them while playing. Horse-riding and combat further add to the experience. “Two Worlds” also offers players the possibility to join their friends online in the Multi-Player mode.
The game was released for the PC and the Xbox 360® platforms.
Plot summary:
The death of Aziraal, the god of fire and destruction, has changed the world. The Orcs, their army decimated, have retreated deep to the south of Antaloor, driven there by the forces of the victorious Coalition. Almost ten centuries after the Great War, the burial place of Aziraal is still a mystery. When a charismatic leader unites the divided race of the Orcs, the world faces new changes, and the danger of a new war looms on the horizon, along with the potential resurrection of the dead deity. Only the chosen few know that the world is facing a much worse danger, and the quiet rivalry between the secret organizations has turned into a merciless war whose conclusion will decide of the fate of the entire world.
  • Two Worlds - [48 MB] » 1.7 incl. add-on "Tainted Blood"
  • Two Worlds - [865 MB]
  • Two Worlds - [94 MB] » 1.7b incl. Add-On Curse of Souls
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