2001 – World War III: Black Gold (PC)
“World War III: Black Gold” is an RTS game in full 3D, set in the modern world, and allowing the player to choose any of the three sides of the battlefield – USA, Russia or Iraq. The countries use any way and weapon that are at their disposal to fight for the sought after “black gold” - that is, fighting for oil. Each side has its unique combat strategy and weaponry (e.g. chemical weapons, suicide squads, stealth technologies...), their warfare is divided into categories: anti-air weaponry, anti-tank weaponry, chemical weaponry, EMP weaponry and weapons of mass destruction.

The players can go through six campaigns, two per each country, simultaneously fighting on four maps. During combat, their crews gain experience, improving their effectiveness. Ammunition is of extremely high priority and demand, as combat cannot commence or continue without it. For veteran players, an Expert mode has been added, allowing for advanced control over the units. An Active Pause mode completes the experience, allowing for easier unit control in Single-Player mode. The Multi-Player mode can be experienced over LAN, the Internet, as well as the EarthNet servers.

The game was designed before the 9/11 terrorist attacks had occurred.
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