2011 - TW II Pirates of the Flying Fortress
Reality Pump is the creator of world-famous video games for multiple platforms, such as: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Mac, iPhone & iPad.
The company's history dates back to 1995, when a development branch of TopWare Interactive was created in Kraków. For 8 following, years, it designed such world-famous videos games as Earth 2140, Earth 2150, World War III: Black Gold, Heli-Heroes. 
In 2001, the company first began to cooperate with Zuxxez Entertainment AG, and two years later, its name was changed to “Reality Pump – Game Development Studios.” The cooperation with ZUXXEZ is still in effect today, allowing for our games to be released world-wide by renowned publishers. Under the brand name of “Reality Pump”, the company has released such titles as Polanie II, Earth 2160, Two Worlds and the multi-platform games Two Worlds II and Two Worlds II: Castle Defense.
Currently, Reality Pump is one of the most experienced game design studios in Poland and has been proving its capabilities with each new title.
  • Two Worlds II - Worldmerge - [167 mb] » Fan-made modification that combines the Two World 2 main campaign, the eleven multiplayer adventure maps and the whole Pirates of Flying Fortress Expansion into one coherent, newly balanced singleplayer gameworld.
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