2016 - TW II Call of the Tenebrae
Two Worlds II Call of the Tenebrae
The magical land of Antaloor comes alive in Call of the Tenebrae! Return to the beloved archipelago full of mythical beasts, magic wielding citizens, gorgeous locations and epic danger. A new evil threatens the lands and a shocking secret will change Antaloor forever. Team up with familiar faces and new allies and stop the sinister plot threatening the lands!

The Story
In the wake of a rash of disappearances across the land, the Hero receives an unexpected letter from DarPha, compelling him to travel across Antaloor to assist her in solving the mysterious kidnappings. He arrives just in time to see a group of robed figures seemingly murder DarPha before disappearing into a magical portal. The Hero is thrust into a decades old mystery while a new race of horrific, rat-like creatures attempt to destroy Antaloor for good.

What's new?
Experience Antaloor with a major engine update that brings the archipelago to amazing, detailed life like never before! Visit new locations and interact with a host of brand new characters, both friend and foe! Solve the dark mystery of the Tenebrae and stop their hideous, rat-like followers, The Chosen. Listen to the all-new, original soundtrack as you battle hulking bosses with new weaponry, enchanted armor, alchemy skills, crystals, fighting tactics and strategies.

All new villains, bosses and a new enemy race await you, complete with never before seen tactics, strategies and attacks. Creeping evil lurks around every corner, but fear not! Mix and match powerful new weapons and armor as you use some new tactics of your own to destroy the new threat to Antaloor. Hours of new quests and sidequests wait to be explored, along with all new sections of Antaloor, both above ground and below.

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