2003 – Polanie II / Knighshift (PC)
The game, released as “Polanie II” in Poland but better known outside the country as “KnightShift” or “Once Upon a Knight”, is an amalgam of an RTS game and an RPG. In a nod to the first Polish strategy game ever made (“Polanie”), this project transports the player into a medieval fantasy world filled with dangerous wizards, righteous knights and brave warriors. There are encounters with evil witches and fair ladies alike, some who need rescuing, as well as magnificent enemies, such as fiends, giants or dragons.

The system is based on a 3D RTS, enhanced with elements recognizable from the cRPG genre. There are missions during which the player controls a single character who gains experience and new kinds of weaponry or magic. Then there are also ones in which the player commands an entire army, having earlier expanded his village. The basic resource is milk, as was the case in the original.
The single-player mode offers a strategy/adventure campaign (in three parts) and two modes: purely strategic (RTS) and adventurous (RPG.) Additionally, the game offers a Multi-Player mode, with up to 8 players and various conditions for victory.
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