2010 - Two Worlds II
PC Mac 360 PS3
“Two Worlds II” is an epic RPG experience and much more than a sequel. The experiences gained during the design phase of its predecessor allowed for the creation of an entirely new kind of quality. GRACE™, the proprietary, multi-platform engine built specifically for the project, utilizes the latest technologies and the creators' original solutions, thus allowing for the creation of a rich and breathtaking world. In addition, the engine has been optimized to allow for fluid display of the picture and no quality loss, both on the consoles and on the PC, with a vast selection of possible configurations.

While exploring the plot and the deeply involving storyline, players will find at their disposal a selection of systems designed for their assistance. DEMONS™ is a revolutionary way of managing and utilizing one's magic, which allows for the creation of complicated, spectacular spells with the assistance of copious selection of cards that are divided into five respective Elements (Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Necromancy) and offering their own effects and carriers. CRAFT™ is a tool which allows for the creation of weaponry and armors thanks to the possibility of dismantling objects found during the gameplay. PAPAK™ is an alchemy system which offers the possibility of brewing potions of numerous kinds and effects, from common cure for ailments and protective mixtures, to powerful liquids which allow the player to walk on water or turn invisible.

Additionally, the players can explore Antaloor on foot as well as swimming, sailing, riding horses or using magical teleports. The game offers high-quality cut-scenes, a flexible combat system, numerous mini-games, highly polished sound effects and a dedicated musical score composed by the renown Borislav “Glorian” Slavov.
The game comes with an extensive Multi-Player system which allows for several modes of game playable over the “EarthNet” servers. The available modes include: Adventure, Duel, Team Match, Crystal Hunt and Village.
The game has been released for the PC, the PlayStation 3® and the Xbox 360® platforms.
Xbox-Liveforum - 89% (German)
« Über 200 Quests, ein ausgeklügeltes Waffen-Upgrade System, Tag- und Nachtwechsel, Charakterklassenwahl und schier unendliche Weiten machen diesen Titel zum Must Have in Sachen Rollenspiel.
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