2005 – Earth 2160 (PC)
The next and latest entry in the “Earth” series is a direct sequel to “Earth 2150”, takes place after the Earth's destruction and transports the player to selected planets and moons of the Solar System, including, among others, Mars, Triton (Neptune's moon) Titan (Saturn's moon) or Io (Jupiter's moon.) In addition to the three sides known from the predecessors (the ED, the UCS and the LC), a fourth group enters the conflict in “Earth 2160”; the Aliens, who had long slept on Mars in suspended animation and were awakened by the spaceships of the UCS.
The game operates using the “Earth-4” engine, which was designed specifically for the project and utilizes, among others, the Pixel Shader 1.4 technology.

The list of changes is even more extensive: there are 3 available resources, each with different physical and chemical properties. They can all be used to manufacture units, and their properties influence the quality of said units. The game offers the possibility of hiring mercenaries, privateers and agents, who can help the player in combat as well as in technological or economic advancement. The technology tree for each side of the conflict was vastly expanded as well.

“Earth 2160” comes with 28 missions split into four campaigns, one per each side. Up to 8 players can participate in an online experience, with four game modes offered. The 30-track orchestral score was composed and performed by Germany's Mannheim-Heidelberg Orchestra.
Wywiad z Mirosławem Dymkiem (Polish)
« Wywiad przeprowadzony w lipcu 2010r, dotyczący głównie serii Earth.
Zapomniana rewolucja - Earth 2160 (Polish)
« Jest jednak seria, która została niezasłużenie zapomniana. Polskie produkcje, które, gdyby wyciągnąć je na światło dzienne, mogłyby zrewolucjonizować postrzeganie wszystkich komputerowych strategii. Jest to seria tak oryginalna, przemyślana i grywalna, że jej niebyt w mentalności graczy należy zrzucić chyba tylko na karb nieszczęśliwego przypadku.
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