2011 - 3SwitcheD
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Attention! User Warning!

Be careful! This Game is addictive! You won´t find more challenges, more speed, more fun and more Jewels anywhere in the known Universe!

3SwitcheD™ combines classical Gameplay with fascinating new technologies. Find yourself in a new World of classic arcade gaming. The brand-new 3D Technology and Eye Tracking lifts the whole Game really in a new Dimension. Using the facetracking technology 3SwitcheD™ not only gives you fantastic real 3D looks, it works 3D. Using the IPad or Laptop Camera the game will scan your face and you will be able to turn the view only by looking in the direction you want it to! This brand new Technology will give you a Gaming experience never imagined! For all Players not using this feature the Game still provides fantastic looks and a bunch of challenges! 3SwitcheD™ works on PC, Mac and iOS devices.

Choose one of five varied Game-Modes to score new astonishing Highscores or beat your old ones. You want a challenging logical Game no problem! Strategy and Coolness are the way to victory in the “Clearing Cluster”- mode, or are you looking for a fast rush of pure adrenalin? Just go and pick the “Snazzy Swap”! Let´s see how far you can make it. If you think you are the best Jewel - Crusher in this Dimension than let the World know. Upload your Highscores and compare yourself with the community. Are you the best? Keep it up there is always someone out there who is coming for you.

Many more different Modes wait for you. Every time you play it´s going to be a new situation, a new challenge a new Highscore?

One Game so many Challenges and all in thrilling 3D! Don´t miss it!

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