1999 – Earth 2150: Escape from the Blue Planet (PC)
The sequel to “Earth 2140” was one of the first 3D Real-Time Strategy releases in the world. With a new dimension added, the player can control the battle at any camera angle they may desire. The proprietary 3D engine of the game allows for dynamic changes in lighting, depending on the time of the day, the use of realistic weather effects, the possibility to modify the shape of the terrain, or the creation of tunnels in which the fight may continue.

The plot finds the player in the middle of a fight to escape the titular Blue Planet. After nuclear weapons were used in the ED vs. UCS conflict, the Earth's orbit was changed, sending the planet towards the Sun. The objective of the war is to obtain the last remaining resources, necessary to design a ship that will allow for an escape from Mars. The situation is additionally complicated by the moon-based Lunar Corporation's decision to join the fight.

There are major differences between the three sides of the conflict, and each of the Unions has unique battle components, choices of base design or even how to mine for resources. The game allows the players the creative freedom of their own unit builds, choosing out of the selections available to each side (20 chassis and 40 units of weaponry per side.) “Earth 2150” comes with its own map editor, which also allows the players to create levels of their own.
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