Closed beta-tests of "Two Worlds II: Pirates of the Flying Fortress"
Already in the middle of June 2011, the beta-testing phase of the add-on, “Two Worlds II: Pirates of the Flying Fortress”, will commence. Anyone over the age of sixteen and ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement may participate in the tests. They will be performed on-location, in our development studio in Kraków. Each day, we will be able to host 4 people in this event. The testing phase will last over the period of one month, and tester applications will be accepted and processed during this time. All participants will be rewarded with a “Testing Crew” t-shirt, and have their names entered into the add-on credits as a Tester.
The full terms and conditions of the tests will soon be available on our official website.
 If you wish to participate, send your application via e-mail at: test@realitypump.pl – and describe the details of your availability.

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